What’s Going On (& why it matters!) + Enemy One Update

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@epicuniverse) may have noticed some increased activity today in the form of mentions and retweets. That’s because from today to April 10th, Dawn of Destiny will be doing a blog tour to thirty different websites, all of which will be doing their own spotlights and reviews on either the novel or audiobook version of DOD.

Why does this matter to you?

Because attached to this blog tour is a massive giveaway with ten prizes, all of which will be determined in a drawing a week after the blog tour has ended. That means you have a chance to win some pretty awesome swag, such as a Kindle Fire HD 6, just by participating! Details on the tour can be found here, and info on the giveaway (hosted by Rafflecopter) can be found by scrolling down on that same page.

Why does this matter to Epic?

Because this is once again a chance to really get the Epic fan base alive and active during this dreadful in-between-book lull (though I promise, that lull will be coming to a close)! You can increase your chances of winning the giveaway by doing certain things on social media, such as tweeting and following me on Epic. Even liking the Epic Facebook Page counts. But the two biggest bonuses are these: owning the DOD audiobook and participating on the Epic forums.

Once again, if you don’t own the Dawn of Destiny audiobook yet, which you can find here, now is really, really the time to pick up a copy! Owning the audiobook allows the biggest bonus in terms of the giveaway, and look, I mean…this thing is winning awards, guys and gals! DOD just took “Best New Fiction” and “Audiobook of the Year” from the New Apple Literary Awards. If you’re a fan of Epic, this is a MUST-own audiobook. It will change your entire perception of the series, and I’m not just saying it to say it. This thing has changed my perception. It’s the real deal.

Secondly, and always big on my heart, are the Epic Forums, found here. Every day that you start a new thread and reply to someone’s thread on the Epic boards, you get points toward the giveaway. Yes, every single day! That means that between now and the giveaway’s end, you have a chance to really ramp up your chances to win something just by being active on the forum, starting new threads and replying to others’. New members will be joining the discussion on the forum during this giveaway. I want you guys there, too! They’re new to Epic, but you’re not. Show them what this series is all about. You guys are my ambassadors! Let’s get some conversations going. 🙂

Last, but not least…let’s talk some EPIC 5: Enemy One!

As I’ve mentioned before, by leaps and bounds, this has been the most challenging book to write in the Epic series. The good news is this: this monster has found its traction, and it’s going to be one good book. There are a lot of things I’ve never been able to address in the narrative, such as Vector Squad, other worlds, and only-mentioned characters like Todd Kenner, John Mariner, and Mark Remington. Enemy One finally gives me a chance to flesh all of these things out to a degree I’ve never been able to in the previous books. Epics 1-4 and 6-8 are essentially the two “halves” of the Epic Octology. Epic 5 is the bridge that brings them together. This is a book of massive transition.

This is my promise to you guys, my fans, whom I do this for: Enemy One will be the best it can be. You guys have been patient beyond comprehension to me while I battled cancer and brought my first son (and soon my second) into the world. I am eager to get this book in your hands, and 2015 will be that year. But I won’t allow my own impatience to make its quality suffer. Time is of the essence, but this is a book that must be done right. I will not publish a book that is not solid. You guys deserve my absolute best – and that’s what you’ll get.

In the meantime, dive into this giveaway, guys! Get on that forum, start some conversations, and let newcomers to the Epic series know that it’s a series well worth their time. You’ll be reading Epic 5 before you know it.



  1. James E Debro says:

    I have to admit, when you update you really update!
    Glad to hear news on Enemy One, and the news of the official appearance of EDEN’s legendary Vector Squad. I am glad that you are taking your time to ensure that Epic Book 5 will be the best entry in the series. Frankly, I agree wholeheartedly.
    I’ll get on the forums later today and I plan to participate in the Epic giveaway soon. And I pray that Jesus will remove cancer from you so your can live an long life. And may Jesus bless you and your family throughout the rest of the year 2015!

  2. You’ve been doing great Lee! We all appreciate the time you’re taking to tell this story in the best way that you are able to. Nobody can begrudge you that, and we will all benefit from it when we get to read every optimized, streamlined final draft of the mind blowing book that we know you’ll have prepared for us!

    Keep up the great work! We’ve got faith in you.


  3. Waiting for book 5 is driving me insane. Oh wait, I already am. I hope to see it by the end of this year. It’s a good series, but there are so many unanswered questions. I hope you’re feeling better.

  4. The wait won’t last forever! Words are flying off the fingertips right now. This book will come (and be worth the wait!).

  5. Hey Preacher Man! I may have come late to the party, but I’m here none the less. Just finished The Glorious Becoming and I am eager to continue on with Scott, and the others from the 14th, who I’ve come to know and love. So many new people to get to know as well. My hope is that Epic 5 will be ready soon as withdraws are hard to deal with. I’m still searching for the “Atheists for Epic” fan club, and it looks like I may have to break down and create it myself. Be well, Sir.

  6. Ok, 2015 has come and gone. Where’s Epic 5? You said it would be out in 2015, you made that statement in March of 2105 and almost a year later, it’s still not out. When are we really going to see this book?

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