GoldenLionThere’s a lot of fun to be found in these books and on this website, but for a moment let’s be serious.

You’ve found this series. You’re curious as to what it’s about. You want to know what sets it apart from the countless other independent works out there, because let’s be honest, most of them aren’t for you. You want to know what makes Epic worth your while. First, let’s be clear: this is not a series that’s trying to impress you. This is a series that unapologetically is what it is. What does that mean?

It means this is a story. Not an agenda. Not a gimmick. It’s a story.

It’s set in science-fiction, but if you’re looking for quarks and string theory, go read something else. This is for people who want a blockbuster experience. This isn’t the kind of story you get cozy by the fire for. This is a story that lives for fist-pumping moments. It’s a series that never pulls punches. It’s for the emotionally-invested.

Epic is a universe that’s going places and doing things. It’s not part of the “book club” clique. But that’s not what you want, anyway. You want something relatable and real. You want something that’s not like anything else. You want this.

Begin with Dawn of Destiny. Ride it into Outlaw Trigger. Then never look back.

We’re amped to have you aboard.

dawn of destinyDawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny kicks off the story of Scott Remington, a young man following a calling to war. Sacrificing a promising life that could’ve been, he embarks on a journey to follow his destiny and make a difference regardless of where it takes him. It’s a story of faith and perseverance amidst trials and tribulations. This is high-action and intensity wrapped up in the reality of the human experience. It’s the introduction to an epic.

Nine out of ten people who love their country love this book. The other guy didn’t have his voicemail set up.


book 2Outlaw Trigger

This is the shot across your bow. This is the one you didn’t see coming. Take everything you thought you knew about Epic and throw it in the trash, because you just got battering-rammed.

Dawn of Destiny was the stage-setter. Now it’s time to start the show. A total contrast to the action/adventure of book one, Outlaw Trigger takes Epic down a path that explores the darkness of the human condition. Anyone who thought Epic was a feel-good tale thought wrong. This is where things get serious. This is where it begins.

Your mom just called. She doesn’t think you should read this.


book 3Hero

Take what you loved most about Dawn of Destiny, what shook you hardest in Outlaw Trigger, blend it all together, then serve it with top sirloin and steak fries. Hero has everything you love about Epic and none of the stuff you hate in other dumb books. This is action, adventure, romance, and pie. It’s everything you want.

On the heels of emotional devastation, the crew of Epic sets off a journey to redemption. But at what cost? If Epic is a race track, Hero is the pace car, setting the tone for the rest of the series. Things are about to get complicated.

Also, the cover has a guy in a robot suit with horns that are on fire. I mean come on.


book 4The Glorious Becoming

Sometimes, the best thing to do is let others speak for you. The clip below contains the first two minutes of the reaction podcast for The Glorious Becoming. These two minutes are safe to hear.

Click to Download Epic 4 Podcast Teaser

This is what Epic’s all about.


book 2Enemy One

Dawn of Destiny thrilled you. Outlaw Trigger shocked you. Hero riveted you. The Glorious Becoming floored you.

Enemy One is here. Prepare to get throttled.

For Scott Remington and the Fourteenth of Novosibirsk, things just got real. And by real, I mean, “you’re not gonna believe this” real. “I don’t think you can handle it” real. This is the firestorm you’ve been waiting for. This is the story you’ve feared. Put on your big boy pants. Play time is over.