The Next Big Thing Cast: Tammy Felice (Natalie Rockwell)

Her expression was stern, no-nonsense. Like the CEO of a corporation.

Her expression was stern, no-nonsense. Like the CEO of a corporation.

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Honesty. Integrity. The desire to make the world a better place.These are the traits that highlight the best aspects of humanity, a species mired in sordidness since the fall of man. We recognize them immediately—they stand out as beacons of hope in an otherwise self-serving world.

It is difficult to write about Natalie Rockwell without venturing into spoiler-laden territory. She doesn’t appear until the fourth installment of Epic, The Glorious Becoming. Aspects of her introduction alone could be construed as revealing to the plot. There’s just so much about her story that would be damaging to the enjoyment of the uninitiated. But one thing I can say about the woman whose begrudging moniker is Venus is this: few characters, if any, have prompted such immediate emotional responses from the fan base. Natalie instantly endeared.

Natalie smiled. “I’ll be honest…I never dreamed I’d end up here. This place is full of scientists, not soldiers. And the soldiers who are here would barely pass muster at a traditional facility.” She looked ahead again. “I don’t know how you ended up on my list, but I’m thankful to have you. We really have a chance to make a difference in a place that desperately needs it.”

Those familiar with Epic know it has no shortage of strong female characters. From Svetlana’s courage to Esther’s cleverness, the women of Epic are never afraid to get down and dirty with the boys when push comes to shove. But Natalie’s a different flavor. Talented, tactical, and driven to lead, she becomes an instant force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield. She’s not there to offer motivational support. She’s there to grab a gun and tell you what to do with yours.

Inheriting a much-maligned military unit, Natalie finds herself in the unenviable role of turning a squad of EDEN rejects into a force to be reckoned with. And no, don’t think this plays out like a Disney movie. This is a hard, hard task, one in which success is anything but guaranteed. With the help of long-time comrade and friend Logan Marshall, Natalie sets off to do what most deem impossible. With a mindset of “hard work pays off,” she begins a training regimen that’s both necessarily brutal and uniquely innovative. But alas, not all of the cards are stacked in her favor. There are forces at play that threaten to derail Natalie’s quest right out of the gate, some close to her heart. In the midst of Natalie’s mission, some of the very people she trusts most are sabotaging her efforts–and her career. Her story is told behind a backdrop of betrayal. Will she fall victim, or will she overcome?

Skidding around a dilapidated car, Natalie shouldered her assault rifle and fired a volley. A Bakma fell before she ducked back. Looking across the street, she found Logan and adjusted her comm to a direct connection. “I want you with Broll.”

“I’d rather stay with you, ma’am.”

“I’d rather you listen.”

The Australian grunted and moved toward Auric’s team.

Edging around the corner again, Natalie aimed quickly. A precision shot downed another alien. “Welcome to Earth,” she said as she ducked back again.

Once again, I wish there was more I could share about Natalie for the purpose of this entry, but I mean it when I say there are a slew of plot points and turns that would get diminished by further elaboration. Those who have gotten through The Glorious Becoming know what I’m talking about. Just get to her. That’s the best thing that can be said. Just get to her.

"I’m honored you would think of me for Natalie—I would surely give her my best." - Tammy Felice

“I’m honored you would think of me for Natalie—I would surely give her my best.” – Tammy Felice

So enough about fiction! Let’s talk Felice. That would be Tammy Felice, the actress who was gracious enough to be down with this little shindig called The Next Big Thing. There is zero chance you have not seen Tammy on television, as she’s been in some pretty memorable commercials aired in the past few years (including the best concept for a wedding ever, at least from a man’s perspective). Check out her latest demo reel:

 So for every one of these entries, I try to take my time to find something interesting. I never go into it thinking, “okay, I’m looking for this certain type of information to write about.” I’m open – anything interesting goes. And yes, I found many an interesting tidbit about Tammy in my research. But I’m only going to share one thing in particular. I’m not sure if it requires explanation or not, but if it does, I’m not going to give it to you. I think it speaks best for itself as-is. I am not making this up, nor will I judge. I’m just giving you the facts. So here it goes, in one simple sentence:

Tammy Felice was a security guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where her job was to hide in trees.

I really can’t think of a better note to end this on. There’s just nothing more to say.

Tammy, you’re awesome – thank you so much for being a part of this. For those wanting to keep up with Tammy’s work, check out her IMDb page here and her acting website here! She’s been working hard for 2013’s pilot season, so wish her luck during this crazy-hectic time for all actors.

And thus concludes entry number two in Epic’s The Next Big Thing casting series. I mean it when I say that there could not possibly be a better month than March for the third installment. I mean, c’mon. Seriously. Seriously. Sometimes, things just work out. I’m not even going to drop a hint. Just go eat at–ahh, you know what? Even that hint’s too much. Just figure it out.



  1. Allan Hall says:

    Wow! amazing job choosing actors, they seem perfect for the would be parts! Great choice for Natalie, i just finished reading the EPIC series for the second time, and Tammy Felice is exactly how i envisioned Natalie.

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