The Finishing Touches: E5 Release Date Coming

As all updates must be when things are going fast and furiously, this one’s going to be short and sweet. Epic 5: Enemy One has finished the editorial stage and is beginning its final read-through. The final read-through is exactly what it sounds like: the final read-through. The novel is printed, in a binder, and being read by me from cover to cover for any last-second finishing touches. When this final read-through is finished, E5 will enter the last stage of the novel-creating process: design and production.

After four arduous years, the most ambitious installment of Epic is about to see the light of day.

Though I’m as eager as anybody to get Enemy One out there, I won’t be rushing the release date announcement. When I am fully confident that the release date can be met, it’ll be posted (and yes, there is a specific one in mind). If you’ve been intending to reread the first four installments…now might be a good time to start.

Get ready, friends. It’s on its way.


  1. This bit of news is just in time, too. I nearly finished re-reading all four Epic books I have (still re-reading The Glorious Becoming) so I can be refreshed on the events prior to E5. Now the countdown truly begins…….

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