The Dawn of Destiny Audiobook

After 4.5 long years, the Dawn of Destiny audiobook is finally available! The nearly ten-hour, eardrum-blasting album can be found on on CD Baby at

Over thirty actors participated in this project, which includes a full soundtrack and sound effects. The aim was to put you there, and this puts you there. Thank you to everyone who waited so incredibly patiently for this album to be produced. The end result is something I think you’ll find truly special. Now snag some headphones crank up the volume! This beast of an audiobook is ready to roar.

Preview some clips from the audiobook below!




  1. Andrew Sturges says:


    Congrats! Can’t imagine the excitement/relief you are feeling following this momentous achievement. I have followed this series from the very beginning and I am so excited to experience it through another medium. Will this be available only through crybaby? Or will this expand to your amazon offerings as well? I just want everyone to enjoy your efforts and craft.



  2. Lee Stephen says:

    Hi Andrew!

    The DOD audiobook will only be available through CD Baby. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I can sum it up pretty simply by just saying that Amazon’s Audible platform is -absurdly- unfair to the seller. Some highlights are the facts that they keep 75% of your profits unless you give them the exclusive right to sell your work (meaning you can’t even sell it yourself), at which point they require you to sign over all rights to the project for a seven-year period and still keep 60%. To top it all off, they only upload low-quality versions of the audio files for consumers to purchase. It’s actually pretty offensive.

    So DOD will be CD Baby only for the foreseeable future! I have total creative and decision-making control, which is how I like to operate anyway. It’s unfortunate that it’s for the reasons mentioned above, but working with CD Baby has been amazing. I’d be hard-pressed to ever go with anyone else.

    Thanks for being such an awesome fan for all these years! There’s gonna be a lot of new stuff headed everyone’s way soon.


  3. Hey Lee,

    loving the audio book *er*… drama. I have a hour plus commute each way and this is perfect, except the Battle for Chicago had me so gripped i almost forgot I was driving!

    I loved this book, and I loved thats its not entirely abridged like most Graphic Audio offerings. Though, i do wish the narrator was a little stronger, sometimes he comes off a little robotic in his reading, but overall I love this book and so glad i got it.

    I’m curious have you considered letting graphic audio convert the rest of the books into audio dramas. i would buy all the books in audio form as well, but i would prefer to keep you writing the rest of the series verse consuming your time as a producer.

    Anyway excellent production, I’ve told my circles about it (but not eaveryone loves X-Com as much as i do), I hope it does well and that we’ll see more (albiet without effecting your writing time), 🙂

  4. Lee Stephen says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the DOD audio experience, David! Yes, operating an automobile while listening to the battle scenes is NOT recommended. 🙂 My wife plugged it in once and our trip to town almost turned into The Fast & the Furious.

    If I’m not mistaken, you’re the same David who posts on QT3, correct? If so, I’d love to ask you a question about something you mentioned on the QT3 board! Feel free to shoot me an email at or Skype under the username epicuniverse.

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