The Audiobook Progresses

With the Xenonauts novella–something I’ll touch on in another entry–wrapping up, I’ve had more time to sit down and work on the production of the DOD audiobook. I’ve had several people inquire as to why this audiobook project seems to have taken so incredibly long. Being that it’s going on three years in development now, I’ll absolutely agree: yes, this project has taken very, very long. Arduously long. Tortuously long.

The reason for this is pretty straightforward and can best be described by a single word. Beastly. Because that’s what this audiobook is. Outright beastly. Up until this point, the most anyone has heard or seen of the audiobook, beyond a few pitifully short teaser trailers released in years past, has been the “theatrical” style trailer, seen here. While that trailer (which is actually the audiobook’s introduction) will offer an insight as to the approach this thing is taking, listeners won’t fully understand what this audio experience will be like until they start hearing actual clips. Those will be coming in time. But what I can tell you is this…forget everything you ever thought you knew about audiobooks when you consider this one. This is not a person reading the story. This is a summer blockbuster in audio form. I think one of those most telling scenes in this project is from the Battle of Chicago, an iconic Epic mission that spans two chapters in Dawn of Destiny. The first of those two chapters clocks in at over thirty minutes long. That’s thirty minutes of people shooting, running, screaming, fighting. Thirty minutes of the most bombastic soundtrack you have ever heard in an audiobook. Thirty minutes of total dynamic immersion.

It’s just the nature of the beast (no pun intended) that this project is taking as long as it is. Every sound is inserted “by hand.” Everything is timed to happen when it happens, from musical cues to pauses in dialog to that plasma bolt that just took out the window. It just takes time. Thankfully, with the help of the absolutely sensational Natalie van Sistine, who is handling all of the dialogue editing for this thing, the speed at which this audiobook is being produced has increased tenfold. Right now, it’s rocking and rolling. This is good, and it’s why I was confident enough to name 2013 as the year this thing hits the public.

I’m most excited for you guys to hear my voice actors. They do such an outstanding job bringing the Epic characters to life, from Stewart Cummings total ownership of Scott Remington, to Paul Bellantoni’s chilling take on General Thoor, to Gabriel Wolf’s uncanny ability to actually become a Bakma. Not to mention Patrick Quance, who singlehandedly elevated the narration of this project to something so ridiculously good, it almost defies belief. As much as I’m pumped up to share the story of Dawn of Destiny with people in a fresh, new way, I’m even more excited to share these actors with you. Every single one of them, of which there are over two dozen, knocks their role out of the park. It’s awesome to hear.

So sit tight! I know it’s been a long wait (believe me, I know). Every day brings this thing closer and closer to fruition.

I love this job.


  1. I confess I’ve never listened to a single audiobook. Ever.

    But I’ll make an exception. 😉

  2. Randy Sousa says:

    It’s a long time coming. The day this drops, i’ll be rushing home from work plugging in my headphones and zoning in!

  3. Val Aussienomad says:

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