Meet the New Face of Epic



She’s been a tactical scout, a covert agent, a romantic comedian, and a world-class swimmer. Yet none of those roles will compare to the one Esther Brooking is about to assume. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new face of Epic. Over the coming weeks, you’re going to see a lot of Epic’s favorite scout from Cambridge. You’ll read her thoughts on Twitter. See her likeness on deviantART. You might even hear the sound of her voice on YouTube. It’s not a coincidence that Esther is suddenly getting a lot of face time. She’s officially been named Epic’s character ambassador.

So what does that mean exactly? In the context of the Epic story, nothing new. Epic began, and will continue, with Scott Remington at the helm. But even the most casual fan of Epic would have to agree: no one brings quite the character resumé to the table as “Molly Polyester.”

Esther’s transition into the physical world via things such as Twitter and deviantART will give fans (and potential ones) a chance to experience Epic through the eyes of one its stars. In terms of importance, Esther is a top-5 character in a series with over a hundred named ones. Her quirky combination of sass and style is second-to-none. She’s a scene-stealer. Who better to spearhead a promotional campaign? Having Esther in the spotlight will provide name recognition to a series with an overabundance of names to choose from. She’s Epic’s pretty face to the world.

So get plugged into Esther Brooking! Tweet her—she will definitely tweet back. Keep tabs of her on YouTube…you may not have heard the last of her there! Check out her account on deviantART, where more will most certainly be added to her gallery. Heck, you can even zip her an email at Drop a line to Epic’s special-ops spitfire.

She’ll blast you back at every chance she gets.


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