Epic Interviews: Andrea Drepaul


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for something new! Okay, maybe not exactly new, but definitely an evolution. Those of you who keep up with my blog know that I’ve spent some time recently interviewing some folks in the acting profession as a sort of spin-off from the “Casting Epic” segment (which is not finished, by the way!). Well…the spin-off is being spun off!

On this podcast, I’ll be spending some time chatting with Andrea Drepaul, an amazing actress out of Toronto. Andrea has nothing to do with Epic or The Next Big Thing Casting. The opportunity simply arose to chat with her, and I took it. The “evolution,” so to speak, is that of my branching out with these interviews beyond those associated with my casting series and into the realm of actors in general. Some people I interview may be part of the Epic casting, and some might not. That may not be a big shift to you guys, but I felt like it was big enough to warrant mention here.

All right, on to Andrea! If you’re a fan of NBC’s The Firm, or CW’s Beauty and the Beast, you’ll definitely recognize Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Drepaul. She’s been involved in film since the mid-2000s, and her schedule has pretty much exploded since 2011, landing roles in movies such as The Boy Who Smells Like Fish and snatching up a spot in a project by T.J. Scott, the director of Spartacus, which we’ll touch on in the podcast. There’s a lot more I could mention here, but hey, that’s what the podcast is for!

One thing of note! We’ve had enough participants in the Lightning Round, my 60-second burst of trivia foolishness, to have an actual leader board. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear how Andrea did, but for reference purposes, the scores of the other participants will be listed in each blog entry, up to that entry. You’ll find them below, where you’ll also see several links to Andrea’s IMDb and social media feeds. Follow her, people!


1. Mark Elias (2.0)
2. Mishael Morgan (1.5)

Without further delay, click the link below to listen!




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