EPIC 5: Enemy One, Coming Summer 2016

Coming Summer 2016


Epic faithful, the wait is finally coming to an end. In Summer of 2016 (month TBD), the most daunting book in the Epic series, Enemy One, will see the light of day.

Fans, you have been waiting for this a very long time. You have been patient with me while I battled cancer and experienced the birth of two sons. You waited for me to get my head right, then my heart right, as I wrestled this story from its inception to its end. Enough words in Enemy One were rewritten and left on the cutting-room floor to create a whole other installment. After a two-year personal hiatus from writing, you all deserved the very best I could give. Enemy One is the very best.

Between now and release, I will be teasing various aspects of Epic’s fifth installment. But for now – for tonight – enjoy that something new is on the horizon. Your comrades are coming back.

Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for sticking with me. It’s almost time.

Vivat 14,

– LS


  1. Daniel Ashby says:

    I thought I would let you know, I’m very excited for this book! I noticed there hasn’t been a lot of activity on the forums and things and thought that I would give you a little vocal support. I’ve greatly enjoyed your books and I’m looking forward to this next one immensely!

  2. I am not a big reader but every time I finish some book or series I come here to see if there is any update. The short story “crimson dagger” introduce me to your writing and I was hooked. Can’t wait for summer! Wish you all the best!!a

  3. June Collins and Jack Bowen says:

    Me and my grandson read all the books in your Epic series. My grandson is not a great reader but he was hooked when he read the first one – Dawn of Destiny, and read it from.beginning to end in a few hours! We talked about each book with so much enthusiasm that his parents were in shock. I am 68 and my grandson is 18 so your writing appeals to any age. We are sorry that you have been sick and hope that you will be able to publish Enemy One soon. We can’t wait!

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