‘Dawn of Destiny’ Audiobook Coming Oct. 14th!

I am ecstatic to announce that after four-and-a-half years, the Dawn of Destiny audiobook officially has a release date! On October 14th, DOD will go live on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon under the vocal category of music album.

Because DOD is being uploaded as a music album as opposed to an audiobook, it will not be available on Audible. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that the file quality of Audible uploads is not up to par with the quality of the DOD production. Years were spent making sure the sound quality was top-notch, so it seems a slight to the consumer to have that quality reduced on the market. By going through CD Baby, the audio will be released as intended: with the absolutely highest quality. This actually makes purchasing the audiobook easier, as listeners would be able to purchase it the same way they’d purchase a release from their favorite band. DOD will still be available on Amazon, just not through their Audible platform.

I’m excited to talk more about this as the release draws nearer. Until then, enjoy the official launch trailer below!



  1. Woooo!

  2. Can we pre-order it?

  3. Douglas James says:

    I can not wait for 10/14/14! I have now gone through “We’re Alive” for the 3 time…and have just been waiting for the next Great Adventure to start! Will be there there for ever chapter and ever turn of the page!
    Let the fun begin!

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