Big Audiobook News re: Distribution!

So I’ve been waiting to get all my ducks in a row before writing this entry (and some of them are still flying around), but there’s been a major development for the Dawn of Destiny audiobook in the realm of distribution. As those who have kept up with the audiobook know, rights were a major issue for me post-audiobook development. I made an unconventional decision in going with CD Baby exclusively, at the cost of widespread distribution, because of the fairness of how they did business. Well, things have changed!

There’s a lot of nitty-gritty in the details, but the short version is that I found a means by which to distribute my audiobook to all major retailers without feeling like I sacrificed my freedom. Yes, the audiobook is still available at CD Baby, but you’ll also be able to find it at a ton of other places, including, Audible, and iTunes. If you’ve been waiting for the audiobook to pop up in these spots, that time has finally come.

I definitely want to encourage you guys to give the audiobook a listen if you haven’t already. This was a huge undertaking for Epic and the resulting product is really something special. I would love to do more audiobook adaptations in the future, so getting support for it is a big, big deal!

Enemy One is still steamrolling forward at a whopping 180,000 words, which already makes it the largest book in the series (with a lot more still to write). This is going to be a chunk of reading for you guys. Long time coming, right? Length has pushed this to mid-2016, as it’s just going to take that long to get this behemoth through post-production. Loving this story, though. As is usually the case, you’ll never see some of this coming.

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well!



  1. Hello Lee,

    Congratulations on Dawn of Destiny. I found out about you and your work when looking for information on audiobooks and circumventing ACX. Now that you have found a way to distribute through other channels will you be able to explain how you did it. I reckon you are a leading voice in this and have a lot of knowledge in this area so I am sure I am not the only one who would appreciate finding out more about how it came about, the ‘nitty gritty’ as you put it in the post above.

    Thanks for your attention and work so far,


  2. Joe Miller says:

    The production was great… I hope you are able to release the rest of the series!

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