Audiobook Cast & Crew

The Crew

Lee Stephen (Producer)

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cast_natalie_van_sistineNatalie Van Sistine (Dialogue Editor)

“From the outset, this project was far too large for any one person’s shoulders. After trudging through month after month of developmental delays, it became apparent that this behemoth needed a right hand. Natalie became that. When you hear this audiobook, you’re hearing her. Her artistic voice is interwoven throughout it. She’s as talented and intuitive as it gets.”

The Cast

cast_patrick_quancePatrick Quance (Narration)

“Simply put, Patrick is the best narrator I have ever heard. His delivery, which lies somewhere between Leonard Nimoy and Jean Shepherd, came to embody everything that Epic is about. He was a Godsend.”

cast_stewart_cummingsStewart Cummings (Scott Remington)

“All you need to know is this: it doesn’t matter what happens with any other role; if Scott Remington is miscast, this whole project fails. His actor needs to be able to portray everything. Confidence, excitement, doubt, fear, compassion, intensity. He is the spectrum of humanity. I listened to hundreds of auditions for this role. The moment I heard Stewart, I knew I had my lead. He was born to play a hero.”

cast_michael_paladineMichael Paladine (David Jurgen)

“One of the best things about working with Mike is that he’s a both-feet-in kind of actor. You get 110%, every time. He became David Jurgen over the course of this project. Working with him is an absolute joy.”

nopicJoshua Samson (Becan McCrae, Derrick Cole, John Donner)

“You have a little bit of wiggle room sometimes when you’re casting characters. There was no wiggle room for Becan McCrae. He had to be spot-on, making this one of the toughest casts in all of the audiobook. Joshua pulled Becan off like no one else could’ve.”

cast_robin_egertonRobin Egerton (Jayden Timmons, David Zigler)

“Robin is one of my favorite voice actors. Even beyond doing such an exceptional job with Epic’s Texan, Jayden Timmons, Robin’s just a fun guy to toss lines back and forth with. You feel like you’re hanging out with one of your buds.”

cast_rick_tamblynRick Tamblyn (Brent Lilan, Jason Rath, Grammar)

“Rick brought so many elements to Dawn of Destiny. Whether it was the gristled experience of Brent Lilan or the political savvy of Judge Rath, Rick was up the to the task. He was excellent, excellent to work with.”

cast_jake_eberleJake Eberle (John Tacker, Yuri Dostoevsky, Richard Lena)

“Jake had a huge task before him in voicing two of Epic’s most notable characters: John Tacker and Yuri Dostoevsky. He took command of both roles, giving a performance that was nothing short of heroic.”

cast_elisa_eliotElisa Eliot (Svetlana Voronova, Natasha Valer)

“Elisa was the perfect choice for Svetlana Voronova. She delivered her lines with such poignancy and conviction that it’s almost impossible not to be captivated. This is what it’s all about.”

cast_paul_bellantoniPaul Bellantoni(Ignatius van Thoor, Ivan Baranov)

“If you know Epic, you know Ignatius van Thoor. Not just anyone could pull a voice like that off. Paul nailed it. He’s a consummate pro and a talent like few else.”

cast_rick_simmondsRick Simmonds (Nathan Clarke)

“A distinguished approach was needed for Captain Clarke. This is a gentleman at war, not a balls-to-the-wall action hero. Rick brings Clarke to life like I don’t think anyone else could have.”

cast_charlie_jamesCharlie James (Darryl Kentwood, Keldysh)

“Charlie was an outstanding addition to this project. He has the kind of voice that commands respect – when you hear him speak, you listen. He was perfect for the role of Judge Kentwood.”

nopicCharles Lipper (Henry Mathis, Fox Powers)

“Charles has dynamic range, which was critical for some of his reads. He needed to evoke everything from sympathy to terror, and he delivered in spades.”

cast_steve_baileySteve Bailey (James Hutchin)

“I love, love, love getting lines from Steve. His delivery has such a deep level of genuineness, you forget every now and then that you’re working with an actor and not the actual character. He’s one of the actors that makes you think, ‘Where did I find this guy?'”

cast_brian_fishBrian Fish (Matthew “Max” Axen, Michael Carter)

“Max Axen is as rock-and-roll as it gets. He’s grit under your fingernails, a cold beer under a hot afternoon sun. Who better to voice him than someone who hosts something called the ‘Heavy Metal Happy Hour?'”

cast_jesse_coxJesse Cox (William Harbinger, Boris Evteev, Vause, Kevin Carpenter)

“It takes a special kind of talent to voice a goofball like William Harbinger. Jesse Cox was that talent. I mean come on, the guy’s a stand-up comic and the host of OMFGamer. Who else was gonna voice Big Will?”

cast_gabriel_wolfGabriel Wolf (Anatoly Novikov, Malcolm Blake, Alan Henrick, Tauthinalaas)

“Gabriel is one of the most versatile, talented artists I have ever worked with. There’s no voice, from the dramatic to the downright insane, that he can’t pull off. He’s a scene-stealer.”

cast_al_woodAl Wood (Carl Pauling)

“As much as Carl Pauling is presidential, he’s also a warm persona, almost fatherly in how he conducts business. He had to be played by someone who could highlight that aspect of his character. Al Wood captured this perfectly.”

cast_jake_eastmanJake Eastman (Travis Navarro)

“It’s always fun when your actors really get into the source material. Jake did that with Dawn of Destiny, and it was apparent in how he delivered his lines. Everything was on-point and earnest. He completely became Travis Navarro.”

cast_ellen_sowneyEllen Sowney (Nicole Dupree)

“Voicing a war hero’s distant love is no small task. In the same breath that one must convey longing, they must also add a dash of disheartenment with a pinch of hope. It’s a dymanic role that Ellen was 100% up for.”

cast_hollie_larkeyHollie Larkey (Galina Lebesheva, Carol June)

“In every project, there’s one actor you wish you could hear more from. They make you want to write lines just to hear them delivered. Hollie is one of those actresses.”

cast_kevin_frazierKevin Frazier (Joe Janson)

“Kevin is one of the most laid-back, willing-to-work-with-you actors I had the privilege of working with on this project. His delivery was cool and comfortable – perfect for what I needed.”

nopicChetachi Egwu (Sasha Rhodes)

“If you’re going to play a combat medic, you need to be able to display fearless compassion. Tachi was able to do this in a very effective way with Sasha Rhodes. She’s simply an awesome voice talent.”

cast_wendy_podgurskyWendy Podgursky (Varvara Yudina)

“Wendy is an incredible talent. She’s another one of those you wish you had more lines for. She was totally willing to work with everything I threw at her, which is all a producer ever wants.”

cast_roosevelt_simsRoosevelt Sims (Donald Bell)

“Donald Bell has a resonance about him as a character. He’s deepy, bassy, yet at the same time needs to convey a sense of familiarity and to an extent, family. Roosevelt pulled this off like a champ.”

Other Voice Work

nopicDerek Perkins (Benjamin Archer)

“No character in Epic is as enigmatic and terrifying as Benjamin Archer. He demands an actor who can walk that gray line between thoughtful diplomat and megalomaniacal tyrant. Because the truth is, you really don’t know which one you’re dealing with.”

cast_eloya_imoedemheEloya Imoedemhe (Esther Brooking)

“Esther was nearly an impossible cast. There are so many complexities, so many dynamics to her personality. The moment I heard Eloya, I knew I’d found my scout from Cambridge.”

cast_tom_dheereTom Dheere (Narration)

“Whenever you set off to spoof something, especially if it’s relatively serious subject matter, you’ve gotta have the right pitchman or you risk bombing out. Tom was totally sold out to the level of cheesiness this required.”